Words For Water Project


One of many contributions    from the community   to the Words For Water project

One of many contributions from the community to the Words For Water project

Two indisputable facts: We are more than 60 percent water and water is essential to our survival.

Lake Superior is my home and it is one of the last places on earth with clean and abundant fresh water. It is also the largest freshwater lake (by area) in the world—supplying 10 percent of the globe’s fresh water. Ten percent.

Fresh water becomes more and more valuable to the world’s future every year. And yet, mining extraction and industrial agriculture still attempt to set up shop along Lake Superior’s shores. It make no sense.

As a community of humans we need to write our shared story. To speak the words that were born in our watershed and flow downstream— an indigenous narrative that declares this place is worth saving.

Words for Water is a gathering place for people who value the Lake Superior Basin and its fragile ecosystem. We want the images to speak for the water that is an integral part of our communities. We ask the question, “what are your words for water?” in order to capture the essence of what we, as a community, value about Lake Superior and the land, streams, rivers and watersheds that feed it.

These words, when joined with the hundreds of other words for water etched on chalkboards, will become the bedrock for our communities as we move forward, towards what’s next.
— From the Words For Water website